The Green Scissor Locking Hemp Bags PADDED


The Green Scissor Locking Hemp Bags PADDED are foil lined hemp bags that are padded and gusseted for extra protection and cush. The locking zipper mechanism keeps goods and wares safely stowed while in storage or transit. The zipper opens to reveal a spacious, lined inner pouch.

Designed to assure safety, security and discretion The Green Scissor reusable Locking Hemp Bags provide an eco-friendly solution for storing and transporting medicines and botanicals.

REUSABLE. If using less plastic and especially, so-called disposable plastic is important to you then you’ll appreciate this bag. And not only that, you’re supporting the hemp textiles industry when choosing Locking Hemp Stash Bags from The Green Scissor. Plastic is not fantastic when it comes to storing and transporting your botanicals and wares. Support the hemp revolution with Locking Hemp Bags!

  • SAFETY FORWARD STORAGE from The Green Scissor
  • Padded locking hemp bag with foil liner
  • Reusable (not disposable!) storage bags
  • Locking hemp bags with locking zipper closure
  • Eco-friendly hemp fiber outer material
  • Padded and gusseted option for extra protection and cush
  • Scent suppressing inner foil liner
  • Keep medicines and recreationals locked while driving, boating, shopping
  • Each bag comes with 2 keys and a removable chain
  • Choose from varying sizes and styles, great colors!
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Small, Large

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Green, Tan, Brown

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