The Green Scissor Brand
The Green Scissor Oven Bags 200 box

100% Nylon BPA FREE Food Safe Bags

Stable, sturdy material.
High tensile strength.
No chemical additives.
Excellent pricing.
The Green Scissor brand.

The Green Scissor Brand. GROW. HARVEST. THRIVE.
Driving, Boating, Shopping? Lock your meds!



Re-sealable locking zipper bags
Choose from: HEMP or 6OOD POLY
Great colors and sizes to choose from
Padded and gusseted options
Easy to clean inner foil lining
Secure, responsible storage and transport
Reusable not disposable

The Green Scissor Brand. GROW. HARVEST. THRIVE.

The Green Scissor Line of Products


Providing innovative tools, supplies and accessories for home and garden since 2009, The Green Scissor brand is powered by innovation, common sense and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

With a focus on tools and supplies for harvest, processing and storage, The Green Scissor product line includes pruning snips, storage bags, strainers, scales and more.

It is our pleasure to serve the indoor and outdoor gardening community by providing useful, innovative, quality products.

Look for The Green Scissor line of products in your favorite hydroponics, garden supply and hardware stores. The Green Scissor line is also available on Amazon.