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The Green Scissor Turkey Bags, High Purity Solvents, Nitrile Gloves, Food Grade Storage Bags, Scissors, More!

Providing innovative tools and supplies for home and garden since 2009, The Green Scissor brand is powered by innovation, common sense and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. Look for The Green Scissor line of products in hydroponics, garden supply and hardware stores nationwide.

With a focus on tools and supplies for harvest, extraction and storage, The Green Scissor product line includes high purity solvents, food grade bags, pruning snips, scissor cleaners, locking storage bags and more. Every product in The Green Scissor line is useful, practical, of the best quality and made with careful attention to our specifications.

It is our pleasure to serve the indoor and outdoor gardening community by providing useful, innovative, quality products.

If you can’t find The Green Scissor products at a store near you, the line is also available on Amazon.

The Green Scissor Turkey, Oven and Vacuum Bags — 100% NYLON FOOD GRADE BAGS

The Green Scissor Turkey, Oven and Vacuum bags set the industry standard for staging, sorting and storing botanicals. Made with stable, food safe nylon that is BPA FREE, our bags feature strong seams and come in several useful sizes for many applications. Be sure to check out The Green Scissor TOTE LINERS and BIG TOM TURKEY Bags.

High Purity Solvents by The Green Scissor — Solvent Grades Matter

Isopropyl Alcohol 99% and Ethyl Alcohol 200 Proof

The Green Scissor knows the importance of using quality extraction solvents and cleaning chemicals in the process of bringing botanicals to market. Whether for analytical, cleaning or extraction purposes The Green Scissor provides high purity chemical solvents.

Bringing Quality Products to the Table

You can count on The Green Scissor for continued innovation and quality products in the coming years. Thank you for your interest in The Green Scissor.

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