The Green Scissor Oven Bags – 25 pk


  • Bag Size: 16 x 17.5 inches
  • Qty: 25 bags
  • Food grade, vapor and heat resistant oven bag material
  • Oven, freezer and microwave safe
  • Thicker than conventional super-market bags
  • Superior puncture resistance
  • Sturdy seams = less chance of blowouts
  • BPA free
    Made of food grade vapor and heat resistant oven bag material, The Green Scissor Oven Bags are BPA free and include heat safe ties. Made to spec with careful attention to clarity and strength — you can depend on Green Scissor Bags for consistency and quality. The Green Scissor bags are thicker than conventional super-market bags and offer solid puncture resistance. Green Scissor Bags have seams that are made with extra attention to their strength so there’s less chance of blowouts. Bags are oven, freezer and microwave safe. Use TGS bags to cook, freeze, preserve, seal in flavor. Use The Green Scissor Turkey and Oven bags to stage, sort and store your botanicals at harvest time.