The Green Scissor Locking Bags


The Green Scissor Safety Forward Storage line includes Locking Hemp Bags and Locking Poly Fabric Bags. Though the rules seem to be in a constant state of flux, common sense dictates that medicines and recreational imbibes be stored and transported in locked containers. The Green Scissor believes that no matter what state you are in, responsible storage and transport of medicines and wares is a must.

Driving? Boating? Shopping? Lock Your Meds!

It’s not just about storing medicines safely while at home, it is equally important to stow your medicines in closed, locked containers when driving, boating, traveling. The attractive, sturdy and versatile Locking Bags from The Green Scissor are well suited for keeping medicines safely confined while in transit.


If using less plastic is important to you then you’ll appreciate these bags. Additionally, you’re supporting the hemp textiles industry when choosing the HEMP version of our Locking Bags. The non-hemp option, The Green Scissor Locking Poly Fabric Bags, are made of 600D Polyester Fabric (all polyesters are plastic substrates, they are made from petroleum) are more durable and designed for long term use and reuse.

The Green Scissor Locking Hemp Bags

Hemp Exterior with Foil Lining

Locking Zipper Closure

The Green Scissor Locking Hemp Stash Bags are foil lined bags with a hemp fabric exterior. The locking zipper mechanism keeps goods and wares safely stowed while in storage or transit. The zipper opens to reveal a spacious, lined inner pouch. Great colors and styles to choose from. Some padded, others not, great sizes too!

The Green Scissor Locking Exit Bags

600D Polyester Fabric

Locking Zipper Closure

This classic black envelope-style bag is lightweight and versatile. It features a locking zipper mechanism for safe, secure, responsible storage and transport. Made with durable 600D polyester, this bag allows one to store or transport medicines, botanicals and wares safely.