The Green Scissor Exit Packaging: Locking Bags

  • SAFETY FORWARD STORAGE from The Green Scissor
  • Reusable (not disposable!) Exit Packaging. Locking Exit Bags from The Green Scissor.
  • Sleek, envelope style reusable storage bag with child-resistant locking zipper
  • Made of durable 600D polyester fabric
  • OLCC Certified (Oregon) for Exit Packaging as re-sealable and continually child-resistant
  • ASTM D-3475 certified child-resistant
  • Meets 2018 CA proposed requirement for exit packaging to be resealable, child-resistant and opaque
  • Meets CAs Prop 64 regulation on locked containers for driving and boating
  • Complies with Colorado’s MED laws for child-resistant exit packaging
    Reusable, ASTM compliant, child resistant locking exit bags from The Green Scissor. These are excellent all-purpose bag for goods and wares. They are sturdy, versatile, unlined bags well suited for safety concerns. Whether you are transporting or storing goods, these conveniently sized bags assure safety, security and discretion.

    The Green Scissor Locking Exit Bag is made of 600D polyester which is a strong, durable material. Approved by the OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission) this locking zipper pouch bag is on the Approved Packaging List for EXIT PACKAGING that are re-sealable and continually, child-resistant. The Green Scissor Locking Bag may be used as primary packaging or may be used as an exit package.

    Featuring ASTM compliant materials and a locking zipper mechanism for safe, secure, responsible storage and transport this bag allows one to store or transport medicines, botanicals and wares while protecting pets and children from access.

    Fully compliant with Colorado MED and ASTM D-3475-13 standards for child-resistance.