The Green Scissor Dry Rack


  • Choose from SMALL (2 FT DIAM) or LARGE (3 FT DIAM)
  • Height for both: 8 FEET
  • Color: GREEN
  • Eight spacious shelves
  • Innovative frowning zipper shelf opening
  • Comes in attractive carry case with zipper closure
  • Easy pop-up set up
  • Central hook for proper hanging
    The Green Scissor Brand Dry Racks are simple to set up and offer superior drying and curing for botanicals. This 8 shelf dry rack features an innovative “frowning zipper” opening that offers easy access. Your botanicals stay safely and gently confined in the rack while being turned and rotated. The wide zipper opens down to the bottom of the shelf for efficient and easy sweeping out of cured product.